STIE Balikpapan Scientific and Academic Writing Workshop

STIE Balikpapan Scientific and Academic Writing Workshop has been conducted successfully with more than 20 participants. This workshop was held in STIE Balikpapan on September 12, 2019 which focused on scientific writing with facilitated by Dr. Hendrati Dwi Mulyaningsih as Founder of Research Synergy Foundation. This workshop was held to improve the quality and ability of writing papers from STIE Balikpapan lecturers.
Dr. Hendrati explained writing good content and using correct language. RSF also facilitates checking for plagiarism and also the use of proper grammar. In the second session, we already started for scientific technical writing. This writing starts from translate language, check for writing grammar, check for the paper plagiarism, then write the paper according to the appropriate template. The workshop ran smoothly, and participants were very enthusiastic about learning to write papers well.

By this experience, the participants expected to have high motivation in research publication not only because of job requirement as a lecturer but also passionate with the research itself.

UNISBA Scientific and Academic Writing: Coaching Clinic Series

Applied the APPRECIATIVE INQUIRY approach (POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY FOR CHANGE APPROACH) to the learning process, Research Synergy Institute collaborate with UNISBA to held UNISBA Scientific and Academic Writing Coaching. The approach consists of five stages/phase: Define, Discovery, Dream, Design, and Destiny (Coperider et al.) The program started by:

H-14 workshop day: Participants must submit a draft paper

H-3 workshop day: All participants received four documents from scientific review process consist of Content Review, Language review, similarity score, and journal recommendation.

In the day of the workshop, participants have started the DEFINE and DISCOVERY phase through their content review, language review, similarity score, and journal recommendation result. From the results of the scientific review, participants did DISCOVERY what they had done and which the best part.

By the journal recommendation, participants started the DREAM phase where they CLEARLY known the purpose of the journal to be targeted. By this stage, participants can explore various published articles and analysis comparing the articles that have been made into detailed improvement steps. In this phase, participants experienced the DESIGN PHASE.

These steps give participants a TIME FRAME which is an action plan written by each participant called DESTINY PHASE.

Through this approach, facilitator empowered the lecturers to masterly meet government requirements in scientific writing standards and publications.

This approach was designed by the Research Synergy Institute (Support system of the Research Synergy Foundation) as Innovation and alternative to various scientific writing improvement programs for lecturers.

The 2nd Universitas Terbuka Scientific and Academic Writing Workshop (Bandung)

The 2nd Universitas Terbuka Scientific and Academic Writing Workshop was held in UPBJJ UT, Bandung. This workshop is focused on intensive preparation before paper submission for ICIEP 2019. The workshop was attended by 20 faculty members from Universitas Terbuka and other universities in Bandung. The workshop started with informative speech by Dr. Hendrati Dwi Mulyaningsih about the essential elements for scientific writing and submission requirement. During the workshop, RSI Facilitator provided technical assistance that will help participants make a successful paper submissions. The trainer and facilitator provided a constructive comments for participants’ articles and helped them to finalize their submission in the conference website. They gave participants an opportunity to explore tools and techniques that help them to revise and improve the quality of their research papers. They became familiar with ‘plagiarism tools’, ‘language check’ and ‘citation tools’. By the end of the workshop, all participants manuscripts had been successfully submitted to ICIEP 2019 website. Participants are now waiting for the complete review process and official acceptance letters. Trainer and facilitator also reminded Authors to improve the language quality of their writing by proofreading service given that the publisher has strict editing policies in terms of language. The conference committee of ICIEP 2019 will also select some good quality papers to be published in a reputable journal. The workshop was successfully created an effective learning atmosphere for all participants to develop and disseminate their research project.

The 2nd Universitas Terbuka Scientific and Academic Writing Workshop (Surabaya)

The 2nd Scientific and Academic Writing Workshop was held in Surabaya for Universitas Terbuka collaborating with Research Synergy Foundation on August 16, 2019, which was participated not only lecturers from Universitas Terbuka Surabaya and Malang but also from Institut Teknologi Adhi Tama Surabaya and Universitas Negeri Surabaya.

In this workshop, Dr. Rasmitadila was shared on how to write high-quality academic papers in order to get more attractive. This one day workshop was held intensively by helping all the participant to choose the right words for their academic paper title. And at the end of session the participant also learned how to write the references by using the manager references tool.

The 2nd Universitas Terbuka Scientific & Academic Writing Workshop (Surakarta)

After successfully organized the first scientific & academic writing workshop in Universitas Terbuka, Surakarta, Research Synergy Institute (RSI) continued to hold a second workshop. The workshop was attended by a small group who included 11 UT faculty members. In the second workshop, RSI focused on helping all the participants submit their final paper to the ICIEP 2019 website. At least one week prior to the workshop, participants should send their research paper for purposes of peer review.

Present as the trainer was Dr. Rasmitadila and one facilitator from Research Synergy Institute. Dr. Rasmitadila has published number of research papers in National and Scopus Indexed Journals and acts as RSI Editorial Hub. During the workshop, she advised Authors to do proper research and write an effective research paper. She also provided some notes toward efficiency and conciseness for each participant’s papers.  Based on the trainer’s direction, all participants went directly to summarizing the research findings and arranged the most relevant information in their papers.

After nearly a half-time the workshop ran, participants are directed to follow the technical guidance to conform their papers to the submission guideline of ICIEP. The RSI facilitator explained a step-by-step guidance to be applied by authors and let them fix their papers instantly. In this session, participants became familiar with ‘plagiarism tools’, ‘grammatical check’ and proper ‘referencing style’. As a way of helping participants, trainer and facilitator supported their exercise by guiding them privately. The workshop ended with the participants’ success in submitting their articles on the conference website correctly. The workshop participants claimed that they felt more confident to accomplish their research papers and publish it in international conference or reputable journal. RSI also encouraged the participants by giving a valuable opportunity for 5 best papers to be invited on “Meet the Editor” Workshop. This workshop is designed to guide Authors and facilitate them to publish their papers in Scopus Indexed Journal.

PKN STAN Scientific & Academic Paper-Writing Workshop

PKN STAN Scientific and Academic Paper-Writing Workshop has been conducted successfully with more than 50 participants. The workshop facilitates by Dr. Hendrati Dwi Mulyaningsih and Ani Wahyu Rachmawati from Research Synergy Insitute. In the beginning, Dr. Hendrati told and share her experience in research publication to motivate all the participants. By this experience, the participants expected to have high motivation in research publication not only because of job requirement as a lecturer but also passionate with the research itself.

In the second session, Dr. Hendrati started explained about the content of the research from methodology and so on. Participants also actively involved discussing with their research project towards submitted to International Conference on Public Accounting Sector (ICOPSA 2019). In the third session conducted by Ani Wahyu Rachmawati as facilitator guided all participants to set up the manuscript into good packaging as submission guideline of ICOPSA 2019. The course ran very well consist of translating technic, grammar check, a manual guide to install and operate Endnote application of reference manager recommended by ICOPSA 2019. At the end of the day, all manuscript submitted to ICOPSA 2019 website and continued to be reviewed by ICOPSA Scientific review team.

This workshop has particular aims that all the manuscript should be submitted to ICOPSA 2019 collaboration between Polytechnic State Finance STAN Indonesia and Research Synergy Foundation. The workshop organized by Research Synergy Insitute (RSI) to minimize the gap between author capacity and publisher requirement in ICOPSA 2019 which collaborate with CRC Balkema/ Taylor Francis Group.

See you at the next RSI workshop!

UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta Scientific & Academic Paper-Writing Workshop

Research Synergy Foundation has conducted a one day workshop collaborate with University of Pembangunan Nasional on 13 August 2019 which focus on elevating  Lecturer and graduate students confidence in writing.

The collaboration will be continued by holding International Conference of Business, Economy, Entrepreneurship and Management (ICBEEM) on October 2019 where the output of this conference is to publish on international level proceeding which indexing by Scopus.

During the first session of the workshop, Dr. Hendrati Dwi Mulyaningsih shares a strategy on how to write high-quality academic papers. Then the session was continued with technical guidance, and the participant was guided to be able to write reference helped by the manager references also how to submit a paper to ICBEEM 2019. In the second session, the Workshop facilitator helps all the participant to check plagiarism of their papers by using the professional plagiarism tools.

Djuanda University Scientific and Academic Writing Workshop

Scientific and Academic Writing Workshop was organized with the aim of developing participants capability and confidence on “how to get their articles published” in the high level journals. The workshop was conducted by Research Synergy Institute and Djuanda University. Over the next couple of months, Djuanda University and Research Synergy Foundation will organize 3 international conferences: 2nd International Conference of Current Issues in Educations, Economics, Social Science and Humanities (ICIESH) in Bogor, Indonesia, 3rd International Conference for Applied Science (ICAS) and 3rd International Conference for Social Science (ICSS) in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. This workshop is one of the series of scientific prerequisites before all participants attend international conferences. The workshop will be particularly relevant for doctoral students and faculty members who are expecting to publish their research in a global scholar network. Publishing in peer-reviewed journals is becoming increasingly crucial for individual careers in higher education and for the ranking of universities in general.

The workshop was officially opened by Dr. Ir. Dede Kardaya, M.Si as the Chancellor of Djuanda University. The workshop then continued with a presentation on research and scientific writing procedures from Dr. Ismi Rajiani, as the Chief of Editorial Hub of Research Synergy Foundation. Dr. Ismi Rajiani shared his experience of writing and publishing research papers and some advices on how to pass a journal review process. With the help of facilitators from Research Synergy Institute, Dr. Ismi was also given a step-by-step exercises that help all participants to write papers from beginning (abstract) till the end (conclusion). Some participants who have completed their papers brought their drafts and consult it with the trainers.

During the workshop, two workshop facilitators ensured that the final draft of all participants conforms to the submission guideline in conference website. Plagiarism should be avoided. All papers that will be submitted to the conference will be carefully checked by Turnitin. While doing several types of research papers, authors are obliged to paraphrase another author’s thoughts and cite their sources properly. The workshop concluded with facilitators guidance to help all participants makes a new submission in the conference website and remind them to complete and collect consent forms for the purpose of publication.

Scientific & Academic Writing Workshop in Universitas Terbuka, Surabaya

A one-day workshop on scientific & academic writing was held at Universitas Terbuka, located in  Mulyorejo, Surabaya on February 14th, 2019. This event was organized in collaboration with Universitas Terbuka and Research Synergy Foundation as the preparation of research paper submission in The 1st International Conference on Innovation in Education and Pedagogy (ICIEP) 2019.

This workshop aims to improve the publication of the papers of Universitas Terbuka lecturers at the international level proceedings indexed by Scopus. Prof. Udan Kusmawan as the Dean of Faculty of Education in UT delivered a welcome message for keynote speakers and all the workshop participants.

Dr. Rasmitadila from Research Synergy Foundation presented as keynote speaker. Dr. Rasmitadila led the first session where she elaborated on how to write scientific paper properly and how to correctly cite sources in academic writing. During the second session, the workshop participants focus on conforming the submission guideline for authors in ICIEP proceedings 2019. In this session, the participants were guided to carry out step by step related to publication process. With the help of RSF facilitator, many papers from participants has been checked with RSF professional tools to make sure that the papers are grammatically correct and are not plagiarized. Participants were also guided on how to translate and paraphrase the paper contents or materials from a source. This workshop was very interactive and highly appreciate by all participants. They found the workshop informative and worthwhile.