Be a Reviewer and Grow your Academic Career

All scholarly journals go through the peer-review process as the screening and evaluation work to ensure the quality of a research paper. Peer-review is a  key part of the academic publishing process. Papers should be published according to the merit of their scientific contribution. A Review process will help the editor decide whether or not to publish the article. Typically reviewers are invited to conduct a review by a journal editor. Editors usually select qualified experts or researchers that are experts in the same subject area as the paper. Reviewing is a process that every researcher should contribute to.

Reviewers evaluate article submissions to journals based on the requirements of that journal, predefined criteria, and the quality, completeness and accuracy of the research presented. They provide feedback on the paper, suggest improvements and make a recommendation to the editor about whether to accept, reject or request changes to the article. The ultimate decision always rests with the editor but reviewers play a significant role in determining the outcome.

Although reviewing requires the investment of time and an expertise test, there are great benefits if you choose to become a reviewer:

  1. Reviewing other papers in your field is a critical thinking process that may provide new insights about your own work.
  2. Establish your expertise in the field and expand your knowledge
  3. Reviewing papers also helps a researcher to know other’s research work much earlier
  4. A reviewer can establish his/her profile in the manuscript system and build a professional relationship with the editors
  5. Performing a review can be a part of a promotion portfolio of your academic career. It is a part of an essential role for researchers.

Many people in science community enjoy serving the community without expecting any compensation. The review service is a kind of “service to profession” that mentally makes the reviewer happy.

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