Djuanda University Scientific and Academic Writing Workshop

Scientific and Academic Writing Workshop was organized with the aim of developing participants capability and confidence on “how to get their articles published” in the high level journals. The workshop was conducted by Research Synergy Institute and Djuanda University. Over the next couple of months, Djuanda University and Research Synergy Foundation will organize 3 international conferences: 2nd International Conference of Current Issues in Educations, Economics, Social Science and Humanities (ICIESH) in Bogor, Indonesia, 3rd International Conference for Applied Science (ICAS) and 3rd International Conference for Social Science (ICSS) in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. This workshop is one of the series of scientific prerequisites before all participants attend international conferences. The workshop will be particularly relevant for doctoral students and faculty members who are expecting to publish their research in a global scholar network. Publishing in peer-reviewed journals is becoming increasingly crucial for individual careers in higher education and for the ranking of universities in general.

The workshop was officially opened by Dr. Ir. Dede Kardaya, M.Si as the Chancellor of Djuanda University. The workshop then continued with a presentation on research and scientific writing procedures from Dr. Ismi Rajiani, as the Chief of Editorial Hub of Research Synergy Foundation. Dr. Ismi Rajiani shared his experience of writing and publishing research papers and some advices on how to pass a journal review process. With the help of facilitators from Research Synergy Institute, Dr. Ismi was also given a step-by-step exercises that help all participants to write papers from beginning (abstract) till the end (conclusion). Some participants who have completed their papers brought their drafts and consult it with the trainers.

During the workshop, two workshop facilitators ensured that the final draft of all participants conforms to the submission guideline in conference website. Plagiarism should be avoided. All papers that will be submitted to the conference will be carefully checked by Turnitin. While doing several types of research papers, authors are obliged to paraphrase another author’s thoughts and cite their sources properly. The workshop concluded with facilitators guidance to help all participants makes a new submission in the conference website and remind them to complete and collect consent forms for the purpose of publication.

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