E-Coaching I, E-Coaching Clinic FK UNISBA 2021

On the Last saturday (31/7), RSF just held a webinar named E-Coaching Coaching Clinic 2021. This time, RSF is working with the Faculty of Medicine, Unisba, Indonesia. The webinar session began with an Opening speech from the Dean of The Faculty, Mr. Prof. Dr. Nanan Sekarwana, dr., SpA(K)., MARS.

He invited all of the lecturer at the faculty to submit their research and get published on International journal. This webinar was an opening for the coaching. This coaching itself will take place from 31 July to 31 august 2021.
In this session, the participants would know more about coaching systematic, RSF Research Global Ecosystem, F1000Research, and how to published on F1000Research, etc.

That’s why RSF as one of F1000Research Gateway advisor would facilitate the participants from the Faculty of Medicine Unisba (Indonesia). We know that it’s not easy to get published on, but it’s not impossible.

If you’re wiling to know more about this e-coaching program, you could send DM through our Instagram account at @researchsynergy or our whatsapp number.

See you researchers! Stay safe and healthy

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