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A prolific academic, a hands-on engineer, and a tenacious entrepreneur, Oktoviano Gandhi is the go-to person for issues related to Solar Energy and Power System. On the research front, Okto has worked on the engineering aspects of solar cells and modules, all the way to analysing policies’ impact on energy intensity. His scientific works have resulted in more than twenty international publications. Okto has also held positions in many top universities across the world, namely Yonsei University in South Korea, University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, Tsinghua University in China, and National University of Singapore in Singapore. Okto is the editor of “Sustainable Energy Solution for Remote Areas in the Tropics”, a book published by Springer Nature under the series Green Energy and Technology. 

Dr. Oktoviano Gandhi

National University of Singapore

Vicka Kharisma Is a researcher focusing on sustainability, food insecurity issues, and food-related topic. Her work is highly multidisciplinary, lying at the intersection of food security and development issues, and aims at tackling key policy issues in the context of low and middle-income countries. Vicky and her team were awarded a bio-char energy project in Nepal by the Coca-cola foundation. She also became the representative for joining the IDEA League in ETH- Zurich and the IMF Macroeconomist program. Vicka is the managing editor of Inclusive Society and Sustainability Studies (ISSUES) journal and actively joins as scientific writing facilitator at RSI (Research Energy Institute), academic reviewer of F1000 Journal and Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition (Taylor & Francis).

Vicka Kharisma


Dr. Prameshwara Anggahegari is known, is a lecturer in the School of Business and Management. She holds her Doctoral of Philosophy from Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia. She teaches courses in social entrepreneurship, community project management, corporate social responsibility, and environmental management systems, all of which are closely related to her research interests in triple bottom line and blended values. She is also the Community Engagement Specialist at teras Hijau Project, an empowerment movement located in Indonesia. This movement attempts to decrease food insecurity in Bandung by promoting urban farming, which is driven by low-income housewives living in high-density areas. She also participates in numerous government initiatives as a member of the Social Expert Team. Under the Research Synergy Foundation, Wara is also the director of Reviewer Track, a hub for empowering other academicians and reviewers all around the world. Her current interest is about gender, social entrepreneurship and empowerment.

Dr. Prameshwara Anggahegari

bandung institute of technology

Setyowati Triastuti Utami is a lecturer at Faculty of Pharmacy of Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. At the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry of Universitas Gadjah Mada, She researches and implementing her knowledge on data science and molecular microbiology. She is also active as a member of Research Synergy Foundation (RSF) where she is enjoying learning and implementing her knowledge of scientific writing. She graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, with master and doctoral degree majoring in molecular biology. Prior to joining Universitas Gadjah Mada, Setyowati was working in Metabologenomics, inc performing gut microbiota design and data science. Moreover, Currently she is the Managing Editor of Journal Health and Biomedical Science (JHBS).

Setyowati Triastuti Utami, Ph.D.

tokyo Institute of Technology, japan

Dr. Sita Deliyana Firmialy Sita is a professional lecturer from Telkom University in Indonesia and graduated from Doctoral Science Management SBM ITB Indonesia. Her research and teaching area of expertise are mainly focused on the Risk Management field, Sustainability Risk, Entrepreneurial Finance, Business Ethics in Finance, Education Economics, Financial Technology and Housing in Finance. Sita has been involved with several academic collaborations projects as well as communities engagement program focused on the development of communities with several private companies and Government Institution in Indonesia, especially in relate to the topic of SDGs. Before join the Telkom University, Sita is a part of faculty member in Institut Teknologi Bandung for over six-years, with focused of expertise lies mainly on the multi-disciplinary topics in finance.

Dr Sita Deliyana Firmialy

Bandung institute of technology

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