RSF Research Academy: Systematic Literature Review using Mendeley by Mr. Fulgensius and Mr.Benediktoharies

The August 26 online lecture session presentation “Systematic Literature Review using Mendeley” was presented by Mr. Fulgensius and Mr.Benediktoharies from Areopagus Indonesia. The participants received an overview of the Publish or Perish, Mendeley, and NVivo as computer-based applications which can help the researchers improve the quality of content and research writing of their manuscripts. Each of these software has its advantages. The session is divided into two learning days. All participants have been able to install the software properly and try to practice it with trainers guide during the session.

Publish or Perish is a software program developed by Professor Anne-Wil Harzing of the University of Melbourne. The software is designed to retrieve and analyze academic citations. Mendeley Reference Manager is a software that helps to manage research data and simplify reference management workflow in systematic way. While NVivo provides software tools to assist researchers undertaking analysis of qualitative data. NVivo can help researchers to manage, explore, and find patterns and insights in unstructured or qualitative data. Using the software in a research can bring in numerous benefit for researchers. It can also minimize the time and effort that takes to collect and analyze data, and simplifies the entire research process. Many researchers and students have found great help through some research tools and software, so it will increase productivity of researchers.

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