RSF Research Academy: Systematic Literature Review using NVivo by Mr. Fulgensius and Mr.Benediktoharies

Participants of RSF Research Academy Session 4 from Indonesia

Participants of RSF Research Academy Session 4 from Indonesia, Pakistan, and Peru

Today, on September 3, 2020, participants of RSF Research Academy have completed a series of training on how to manage systematic literature review using Publish or Perish, Mendeley, and NVivo. This session has been divided into two classes for learning effectiveness in which each consisted of participants using Bahasa language with Mr. Fulgensius, and English language with Mr.Benediktoharies. Before continuing the session, participants were reminded to install all applications properly according to the modules that have been given by the trainers. During the session, participants are directed to apply each steps of the NVivo application and have live access to the trainers for Q&A. The trainers has provided modules and several articles that can be tested into NVivo application until the final stage. The session was very interactive and informative, especially for those who were conducting research with a qualitative approach.

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