Webinar Ask Expert #6 : Visualizing Scientometric with VOS Viewer

On this chance, Research Synergy Institute collaborated with Paramadina University presented webinar Ask Expert #6 themed Visualizing Scientometric with VOS Viewer. The participants was quite excited about this topic, especially the ones who are interested about scientometric method.

the summary of this program could be found here on our Instagram account

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E-Coaching Clinic Series 2021

Research Synergy Institute held a coaching with an interesting topic: Enhancing and Accelerating Author Capacity towards Outstanding Global Scholars. This events held on 7th of april – 10 of may 2021.  By the end of this program, participants was expected to able to (1) Identify the area for developing the quality of articles to Submit in Reputable Journals, (2) Respond to reviews and make improvements based on research content, and (3) Designing an article improvement action plan with a particular time of target.

The facilitators of this program are

Dr. Hendrati Dwi Mulyaningsih — Founder & Chairman Research Synergy Foundation. Authors, Reviewers, Editor International Journal. Gateway Advisor F1000Research (Scopus Q1/Taylor & Francis)

Santi Rahmawati — Founder & Director Global Network Research Synergy Foundation, Director Scholarvein, Gateway Advisor F1000Research (Scopus Q1/Taylor & Francis)

Ani Wahyu Rachmawati — Founder & Director Publication Research Synergy Foundation Learning Designer Research Synergy Institute, Gateway Advisor F1000Research Scopus Q1/Taylor & Francis)

for further information about this program, you could send a message to our team!