Webinar Pre-Conference 5th IBEMS 2021

Hallo researcher,

On 10th of february 2021, Research Synergy Foundation held a webinar named Webinar Pre-Conference 5th IBEMS 2021. The topic for this webinar is Scientific and Academic Writing towards Scopus Indexed Journals and Understanding F1000research (Scopus Q1) Editorial Requirement. 

As usual, before the conference, there would be Pre-Conference. So did IBEMS or International Conference on Interdisciplinary Business, Economy, Management, and Social Studies too

The speakers for this session are Dr. Hendrati Dwi Mulyaningsih — [ Founder & Chairman Research Synergy Foundation. Authors, Reviewers, Editor International Journal. Gateway Advisor F1000Research (Scopus Q1/Taylor & Francis) ]. & Ani Wahyu Rachmawati — [ Founder & Director Publication Research Synergy Foundation Learning Designer Research Synergy Institute, Gateway Advisor F1000Research Scopus Q1/Taylor & Francis) ]

The record could be play at https://youtu.be/bP56z8-szag

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