E-Coaching Clinic 2021 – UNISBA & Pertamina University

This November, Bandung (1/10), the Research Synergy Foundation, held the 2021 E-Coaching Clinic Series Program. After successfully having a similar program with the UNISBA Faculty of Medicine and Laguna State Polytechnic University in the Philippines, RSF collaborates with UNISBA and Pertamina University. From the two universities, 55 author and co-author and 32 articles participated in the coaching clinic. They consisted of 17 participants from UNISBA and 15 participants from Pertamina University. The webinar is held to open the month of November. Dr. Dadi Ahmadi opened this webinar as the head of UNISBA UPT. In this webinar activity, the facilitator explores the expectations of the dominant participants to be able to publish internationally. Of course, this is in line with the goals of the E-Coaching Clinic Series Program itself.





The content of this webinar consists of six materials. Mrs. Ani Wahyu Rachmawati presented the first material about the F1000research E-Coaching Program as Director of Research Synergy Institute. Then it was continued with Why Being Global Scholar is Important by Mrs. Hendrati Dwi Mulyaningsih as Founder of Research Synergy Foundation. After the participants understood why being a global scholar is essential, Mrs. Santi Rahmawati (Director of Scholar Vein) continued the material, bringing the topic of F1000research Publication Process. And ended with the Data Guideline of F1000research, Ethical Policies, and Finding Reviewers in F1000research, which was obtained directly by Mrs. Ani Wahyu.

This webinar with dense material lasts for three and a half hours, starting at 09.00-12.30 WIB. After this, participants will enter the review process stage, which will take place on 2-8 November 2021.

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