2024 RSF International Service Program: Moving Forward the Quality of Research Into World-Class Publication

On the 2nd of March 2024, the JPL Hall of Freedom at the Lyceum of the Philippines University was abuzz with intellectual discourse and collaborative energy as the Research Synergy Foundation (RSF) and Lyceum of the Philippines University co-hosted the 2024 RSF International Service Program. Themed “Moving Forward the Quality of Research Into World-Class Publication,” the event aimed to enhance the quality and impact of research through insightful discussions and practical strategies.

The event commenced with an opening by the Research Synergy Foundation, setting the tone for a day filled with enriching sessions. The Lyceum University Philippines, as co-host, delivered a warm welcome, emphasizing the importance of collaboration in advancing research and academic excellence.

One of the highlights of the program was the keynote address by Dr. Hendrati Dewi Mulyaningsih, who spoke on “Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges: Achieving Philippines Global University Recognition through International Collaboration.” Dr. Mulyaningsih’s insights shed light on the significance of international partnerships in enhancing the reputation and standing of Philippine universities on the global stage.

Following the keynote, Santi Rahmawati, ST., MSM, shared her expertise on “Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges: Initiating an International Exposure, Recognition, and Knowledge Exchange through International Conference.” Her presentation emphasized the role of international conferences as platforms for knowledge exchange and academic networking.

Ani Wahyu R, S.Psi., MSM, then presented on “Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges: A Roadmap to Publishing in International Journals, Navigating Journal Quality, and Amplifying Writing Productivity.” Her session provided valuable insights into the publication process and strategies for increasing writing productivity.

William Loh from Emerald Publishing delivered a session titled “Cultivating Excellence in Emerald Publishing: Why Publishing is more than Publication.” He highlighted the importance of quality research and publication ethics, emphasizing that publishing is not just about disseminating research but also about maintaining academic integrity.

The program concluded with a session by Barry Clark from Taylor & Francis Asia Pacific on “Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges: Navigating Taylor & Francis’s Pathway to Success and Unlocking Future Opportunities.” Mr. Clark shared valuable insights into the publishing process with Taylor & Francis, providing attendees with a roadmap for successful publication in international journals.

Overall, the 2024 RSF International Service Program was a resounding success, bringing together researchers, academicians, and publishing professionals to collaborate, learn, and share knowledge. The event underscored the importance of international collaboration in advancing research and academic excellence, paving the way for world-class publications from the Philippines.

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