Scientific And Academic Writing - Coaching Clinic Series

Provide a specific learning strategy towards publication in Scopus/ WOS journals in full of month program involving classical and individual learning. The program consist of 5 stages: 

a. Webinar 3 hours via online/zoom
b. Review Process (Content review, similarity, language review and journal recommendation)
c. Webinar 3 hours via online/zoom
d. Individual mentorship 
e. Submission to Journals

Coaching Clinic

Showcasing 5 Projects


Bandung (11/2), Research Synergy Insitute (RSI) held The First 2022 Coaching Clinic Series Program. After successfully having a similar program with Universitas Pertamina and UNISBA, again, RSI is currently collaborating with UNISBA. There were 30 authors and 35 co-authors from various fields such as business economics, international law, until psychology participating in the program.

E-Coaching Clinic 2021 – UNISBA & Pertamina University

This November, Bandung (1/10), the Research Synergy Foundation, held the 2021 E-Coaching Clinic Series Program. After successfully having a similar program with the UNISBA Faculty of Medicine and Laguna State Polytechnic University in the Philippines, RSF collaborates with UNISBA and Pertamina University. From the two universities, 55 author and co-author and 32 articles participated in the coaching clinic. 

E-Coaching I, E-Coaching Clinic FK UNISBA 2021

On the Last saturday (31/7), RSF just held a webinar named E-Coaching Coaching Clinic 2021. This time, RSF is working with the Faculty of Medicine, Unisba, Indonesia. The webinar session began with an Opening speech from the Dean of The Faculty, Mr. Prof. Dr. Nanan Sekarwana, dr., SpA(K)., MARS.

E-Coaching II: E-Coaching Clinic 2021 LSPU

Today (19/7/2021), RSF held an e-coaching webinar for the second time. The webinar session began with the closing statement by Dr. Albert Yazon as the representative of Laguna State University Philipines (LSPU). This coaching had passed over two weeks.