Atma Jaya Academic and Scientific Paper Writing Workshop


Atma Jaya Catholic University on Saturday (01/19/19) in collaboration with the Research Synergy Foundation held an Academic and Scientific Paper Writing Workshop. This workshop is one of the series of RSF Paper Writing Workshops to increase the competence of students, lecturers and practitioners in writing scientific articles and their publications in highly reputable journals. This workshop was organized with the aim of preparing for participants to attend the ICIB conference.

The workshop which took place at 09.00 – 05.00 WIB was attended by representatives from graduate students and lecturers of Faculty of Business Administration & Communication Science, Atma Jaya Catholic University, also general participants from The Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration Department.

Not only the material for writing scientific articles, but this workshop also discusses research design suggestions and opportunities for research collaboration with researchers from abroad who have the same research interest as participants. Collaborative research can take the form of collaborative research or help fine-tuning papers. In the collaboration research, participants from abroad have the opportunity to publish their research without having to attend a physical conference, and vice versa all research processes can be done online with Indonesian researchers and when paper presentations can be done virtually via Skype.

In the first session, the workshop material was given by Mrs. Hendrati Dwi as the RSF Founder who explained the procedures for writing scientific articles. While in the second session, the RSF Publication Department Team explained the mechanism for translating documents, checking plagiarism and paraphrasing, checking grammar and how to format the paper according to the Scitepress template. These processes are carried out through professional tools already possessed by the RSF Publication Team by presenting participant papers for example. Furthermore, the RSF Operation Department Team also explained how to submit the correct paper on the RSF website and how to enter the ICIB registration fee discount voucher. All workshop participants also had the opportunity to consult directly with the speakers about the paper they would submit to the workshop. In this second session, all participants attended all presenters in person, so that the workshop atmosphere seemed more informal and free.


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