RSF Research Academy: Qualitative Method I by Dr. Sia Bee Chuan

Today, on September 23, 2020, RSF Research Academy Day 7 on the theme “Qualitative Method I” was presented by Dr. Sia Bee Chuan. This online lecture was to prepare the participants develop their scholarly writing in qualitative research. The expert has years of experience teaching qualitative research. Dr. Sia explained basic philosophy of qualitative method. She then discussed five approaches in qualitative research design and how to use it in applied situation. The session will be continued next week along with the complete answers from the expert to the participants’ questions.

RSF Research Academy Session 5: Quantitative Method I by Dr. Jayson Cham Tat-Huei

Today, on September 9, 2020, RSF Research Academy Day 5 on the theme “Quantitative Method I” was presented by Dr. Jayson Cham Tat Huei. In this webinar, participants learned the characteristics of a good research, how to formulate a research problem, writing a literature review, and quantitative research design. Participants also learned to summarize the literature review in a table format. Before ending the session, the trainer guided participants a method to conduct and evaluate a research questionnaires for a quantitative research. The second session of learning quantitative method will be continued next week.