RSF Research Academy: Tools for Analysis: Quantitative Analysis by Dr. Cheah Jun-Hwa (Jacky)

On October 7, 2020, RSF Research Academy Day 9 by the theme “Tools for Analysis: Quantitative Analysis” have been well presented by Dr. Cheah Jun-Hwa (Jacky). Dr. Jacky first gave a general introduction to some basic characteristics in conducting a quantitative research. He then explained more about types of data and research modeling prior to starting data analysis. The lecture is not just providing opportunities to get deeper understanding of quantitative analysis, but also to help master practical skills the researchers need to have. Dr. Jacky showed a test run of data analysis through SPSS and ANOVA. He also presented online guides to calculate a sampling size through G Power software. Finally, the participants also learned how to use Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). Using SEM, researchers will be assisted in explaining the relationships among multiple variables.

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