Enhancing Research Excellence: Insights from Webinar 2 eCoaching Clinic Series February 2024

On February 7, 2024, a collaborative effort between Pascasarjana Universitas Airlangga, Research Synergy Foundation, and Research Synergy Institute culminated in the Webinar 2 eCoaching Clinic Series. Held virtually on Zoom from 09:00 am to 1:00 pm, this event provided attendees with invaluable insights into various facets of academic research, publication, and data management. With a diverse array of topics and esteemed speakers, the webinar aimed to empower scholars and researchers on their academic journey.

Event Highlights:

  1. How to Understand Review Results by Ani Wahyu R: Ani Wahyu R led a session dedicated to decoding review results, offering participants strategies to interpret and navigate feedback effectively. With her expertise, attendees gained valuable insights into addressing reviewers’ comments and enhancing the quality of their manuscripts.
  2. Reporting Guideline & Review Discussion by Ani Wahyu Rachmawati & Santi Rahmawati: Ani Wahyu Rachmawati and Santi Rahmawati collaborated to discuss reporting guidelines and review discussions. Participants learned the importance of adhering to reporting standards and engaging in constructive dialogue with reviewers, thereby improving the transparency and rigor of their research.
  3. Do’s and Don’ts for Publications in F1000 and Cogent OA by Santi Rahmawati: Santi Rahmawati shared essential insights into the publication process, focusing on the do’s and don’ts for submissions to F1000 and Cogent OA. Attendees gained clarity on key considerations to ensure their manuscripts meet the standards and requirements of these reputable open-access platforms.
  4. How to Prepare and Upload Data to Open Repository (F1000research and Cogent OA Standard) by Santi Rahmawati: Santi Rahmawati provided practical guidance on preparing and uploading research data to open repositories, aligning with the standards set by F1000research and Cogent OA. This session emphasized the importance of data sharing and accessibility in fostering transparency and reproducibility in research.
  5. How to Submit Articles to F1000research and Cogent OA by Research Synergy Team: The Research Synergy Team led a session on the submission process for F1000research and Cogent OA, offering step-by-step guidance to streamline the submission journey for participants. Attendees received insights into manuscript preparation, submission requirements, and navigating the peer review process.

Conclusion: With 13 registered articles and a wealth of knowledge shared, the Webinar 2 eCoaching Clinic Series proved to be a valuable resource for scholars and researchers. The collaboration between Pascasarjana Universitas Airlangga, Research Synergy Foundation, and Research Synergy Institute facilitated a dynamic exchange of expertise and best practices, empowering participants to navigate the complexities of academic research and publication effectively. As scholars continue to strive for excellence in their respective fields, events like these play a crucial role in fostering continuous learning and growth within the academic community.

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