Recap: Webinar 1 eCoaching Clinic Series Unveils Essential Insights for Global Scholars

The collaboration between Northwestern University, Research Synergy Foundation, and Research Synergy Institute brought a groundbreaking virtual event, the Webinar 1 eCoaching Clinic Series, on November 18, 2023. Hosted on Zoom, this event aimed to empower scholars with practical guidance and essential insights into scholarly publication and global academic standards. With 19 registered articles, the webinar showcased an impressive engagement among participants.

Unveiling NSWU E Coaching Clinic Series 2023 Program & Rules of Thumb

The webinar commenced with an exclusive presentation on the NSWU E Coaching Clinic Series 2023 Program & Rules of Thumb. Attendees delved into the core structure of the coaching series, discovering invaluable strategies to enhance their academic pursuits. The session emphasized the importance of a structured approach and provided indispensable guidelines for navigating the complex world of scholarly research.

Why Being a Global Scholar Is Important?

One of the pivotal discussions revolved around the significance of being a global scholar. Speakers elucidated the imperative need for a global perspective in academic endeavours, highlighting how it fosters diversity, collaboration, and innovation in research. Attendees gained insights into the multifaceted advantages of a global scholarly approach.

Practical Guidance on Publication: Identifying Predatory and Non-predatory Journals

An enlightening segment navigated the intricate landscape of publication ethics. Participants were equipped with the tools to differentiate between predatory and non-predatory journals, safeguarding their research from unscrupulous practices. The session underscored the importance of discerning publication avenues that uphold academic integrity.

Practical Guidance on Publication: Avoiding Plagiarism & Paraphrasing Articles

The webinar culminated with an imperative discourse on plagiarism and paraphrasing. Attendees received actionable guidance on avoiding plagiarism pitfalls and mastering the art of ethical paraphrasing. This session aimed to fortify scholars with the skills to present their research authentically and ethically.


The Webinar 1 eCoaching Clinic Series, a collaborative endeavour between esteemed institutions, illuminated a path for aspiring scholars to navigate the intricate world of academic research. The event’s diverse topics and insightful discussions provided a holistic understanding of scholarly publication ethics and global academic standards. With the enthusiastic participation of 19 registered articles, the event was a beacon for fostering integrity and excellence in scholarly pursuits.

The success of this webinar sets a promising trajectory for future endeavours, promising to continue nurturing and empowering scholars on their academic journey. Stay tuned for more enriching sessions and opportunities to engage in the pursuit of academic excellence.

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