Webinar 2 of e-Coaching Clinic Series May 2023

Welcome to the Webinar 2 e-Coaching Clinic Series, an exciting virtual event designed to equip researchers, academics, and scholars with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the world of research publication. This event, held on the 11th of May 2023, aimed to provide attendees with valuable insights into various aspects of publishing, from research design and reporting guidelines to submitting articles and preparing data for publication.

The webinar began with an “Overview E-Coaching Program & Understanding Review” session. Renowned experts in the field introduced the participants to the e-Coaching program and discussed the importance of understanding the review process. Attendees gained a comprehensive understanding of how peer review works and its significance in ensuring the quality and credibility of published research. Next, the focus shifted to “Research Design.” Esteemed researchers shared their experiences and provided valuable guidance on designing rigorous and effective research studies. They discussed key considerations, methodologies, and best practices for conducting research, allowing participants to enhance their research design skills.

Following the research design session, the webinar delved into “Reporting Guidelines & Discussion.” Experts presented the essential guidelines and standards for reporting research findings effectively. Attendees learned how to structure their manuscripts, present data, and adhere to the reporting requirements of prestigious journals. In the subsequent segment, “Do’s and Don’ts: Getting Published in F1000research & Cogent OA,” industry insiders shared insider tips on successfully publishing in F1000research and Cogent OA. They highlighted common pitfalls to avoid and offered strategies to increase the likelihood of acceptance in these respected open-access journals.

After a short break, the webinar continued with a “Practice: How to Prepare & Upload Data to Open Repository in F1000research & Cogent OA” session. Participants gained practical knowledge on how to organize, prepare, and upload their research data to open repositories, facilitating reproducibility and transparency in scientific research.

The next session focused on “Practice: How to Submit an Article to F1000research and Cogent OA.” Attendees were guided through the step-by-step process of manuscript submission to these journals. Experts shared insights on crafting effective cover letters, selecting appropriate article types, and meeting the journals’ submission requirements.

Finally, the event concluded with an “Action Plan” session. Attendees were encouraged to reflect on the knowledge gained throughout the webinar and create personalized action plans to implement the learnings into their research publication journeys. Experts provided guidance on setting realistic goals and developing a roadmap for success.

The Webinar 2 e-Coaching Clinic Series May 2023 was a resounding success, empowering participants with valuable insights, practical skills, and a roadmap for navigating the complex world of research publication. Attendees left the event with newfound confidence and a renewed commitment to disseminating their research effectively in prestigious journals.

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