Scientific & Academic Writing: Workshop Intermediate Level 2023 Akademi Penerbang Indonesia Banyuwangi

On December 20 and 21, 2023, a gathering of intellectual minds and aspiring writers convened for the much-anticipated Scientific & Academic Writing: Workshop Intermediate Level. This two-day online event, spanning from 09:00 to 17:00 WIB, provided a comprehensive platform for participants to explore and refine their academic writing prowess.

The curtains rose on the first day with an invigorating opening speech by Dr. Capt. Daniel Dewantoro Rumani, S.E., S.SiT., M.M., MA, setting the stage for an enlightening journey. His words ignited a spark, fostering a sense of curiosity and determination among the attendees.

The inaugural session, led by Dr. Hendrati Dwi Mulyaningsih, Founder of the Research Synergy Foundation, delved into “Global Scholars Mindset Development.” Dr. Hendrati, with her contagious enthusiasm, encouraged participants to embrace a global perspective in their pursuit of knowledge.

The subsequent sessions further delved into research methodologies. Dr. Hendrati mesmerized the audience with an “Overview Research Methodology: Quantitative Methodology,” while Ani Wahyu R, Director of the Research Synergy Institute, facilitated an engaging “Group Discussion & Sharing: Research Ideas & Design,” creating a collaborative platform for ideation and experience sharing.

In a meticulously planned sequence, the workshop continued to offer profound insights. Dr. Hendrati elucidated the IMRAD structure in research papers, providing a clear roadmap for the crucial stages of the research process. In addition, she guided participants in crafting valid and reliable questionnaires, which is a pivotal aspect of research methodology.

Ani Wahyu R once again led a session dissecting the disparity between reputable international journals and predatory ones in “Reputable vs Predatory International Journal,” enlightening participants on the importance of selecting appropriate platforms for their academic publications.

As the sun rose on the second day, renewed vigor filled the participants. Dr. Hendrati began with an “Overview Qualitative Methodology,” delving deep into qualitative approaches in research. Subsequently, R. A. Wahyu revisited insights into international journals, emphasizing the significance of judiciously choosing publication platforms.

Santi Rahmawati, Director of Scholarvein, acted as a guide, navigating participants through the use of AI in crafting research papers. This was followed by intensive practical sessions that honed the skills of crafting Abstracts, Introductions, Literature Reviews, and Methodologies.

Beyond the acquisition of writing skills, the participants were sensitized to the issue of plagiarism. They were equipped to confront this issue and learned appropriate paraphrasing techniques in “Plagiarism Issues in Publication & Paraphrasing.”

The workshop culminated in a memorable group mentoring session, which assisted participants in finalizing their research articles. The rigorous process of plagiarism checking before submission to journals also took precedence before the workshop concluded with the “Submission to Journal” session.

From inspirational sessions to hands-on practicals, Scientific & Academic Writing: Workshop Intermediate Level 2023 led participants on a profound journey into the realm of academic writing. Injecting enthusiasm, knowledge, and invaluable skills, the workshop marked a pivotal milestone in fostering scholarly penmanship among the attendees.

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